Nature, wellness and food in the Park of Portofino


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Località Mulini at the  Mulino del Gassetta

16034 Portofino


Portofino is known as a famously picturesque fishing village in Italy, the scope of La Portofinese is to take you beyond the famous “piazzetta” and allow you to explore the charming hillsides, in an exclusive “insider’s experience” involving nature, wellbeing and the delicious local cuisine with tasting of local products, such as: beer, wine and honey.


The idea is simple: to recover abandoned land, to resume traditional cultivation techniques and promote a return to agriculture and animal husbandry that for centuries have been part of our region. In terms of crops, we have recovered and returned to production many local vineyards and olive groves which are very important sources of a generational livelihood that was largely abandoned over the last 30-40 years. 


The Gassetta mill is an historic mill that has been brought back to life as a restaurant, a resting spot, a small museum, and a source of information, all within the preserved area of the Park of Portofino. Today this charming restaurant adheres to the philosophy of “simple and local” in it’s cuisine, allowing visitors to taste typical and tasty traditional Ligurian recipes, prepared with seasonal local products right from our garden.

Visitors will now be able to experience the Park of Portofino in a whole new way: partaking in dedicated workshops and tasting local products from our region, such as La Portofinese’s local honey and craft beer.


More than a cocktail bar with a spectacular view, the faro has become a veritable beacon of attraction for locals, visitors and international VIPs alike. Starting out from Portofinos square and climbing towards the peninsula it takes just a few minutes to arrive in the famous St. Georges church, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Continuing along a narrow path with beautiful villas and enchanting views you will continue on until reaching the Brown Castle, whose foundations date back to Roman times. Then following the same pathway through the Mediterranean Pine forest, you reach a viewpoint just below Portofinos lighthouse, the farthest point of the territory.


Lifestyle tour and tastings:

The experience includes mountain hikes, apiary tour and visit of our honey lab.

Also, visits through our Hopsplantation, vineyards & olive trees all in the beautiful Park of Portofino; An appreciative tasting experience of local products including our local craft beer La Portofineseand a sampling of Portofinos very own honey.


Portofino’s park if the perfect rustic and charming setting for revitalizing your body and soul. Our experiences include summer activities at the Mulino and private exclusive experiences at our Prato Wellness Farm.


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