Heritage, Outdoor, Food, Events

Portofino 4 Nature brand offers tourism, culinary and cultural experiences connected to the Park of Portofino. The name Portofino 4 Nature encloses in itself the meaning of the offer – Heritage, Outdoor, Food, Events – placing it inside the naturalistic setting of Portofino.

The will of a group of experts, lovers of nature and of outdoor sports, gave the start to this project with the aim to promote the territory by putting together their strength, skills and abilities.
Portofino 4 Nature allows to discover the authenticity of the territory: genuine tastes, unspoiled nature, richness in traditions and culture, events.

Agririfugio Molini, Dafne, Donkeys’ Home, Mulino del Gassetta, Outdoor Portofino, Portofino Bike and Ziguele launched Portofino 4 Nature with the aim of promoting holiday packages and outdoor activites through one brand: a range of proposals to suit any taste.

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